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Carnik Con Does LMG’s (All of Them)

Watch Dugan show off the ultimate in open-bolt goodness.  The LMG Comparo by Carnik Con. Which is your favorite LMG? -Stoner LMG 5.56x45mm -AUG LMG-T 5.56x45mm -COLT LMG 5.56x45mm -Stoner 63A 5.56x45mm -Ultimax 100 MK II 5.56x45mm -Cemte Ameli 5.56x45mm -PKM 7.62x54R -MK48 7.62x51mm -M203 KAC Standalone -MG3 7.62x51mm  

AK Operators Union Reviews (Tortures) the SIG 556Xi

That time when you get your rifle stuck in ice and shoot it free with a shotgun…  We can always guarantee Rob Ski to give us an honest assessment on SIG’s newest rifle product, the SIG 556Xi in 7.62×39. Rob runs the AK Operators Union, Local 47/74.  He is a professional Soldier and hails originally from Poland. […]