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Moose Attacks Snowmobiler – Defends With Glock – Warning Graphic

After riding down a trail on his snowmobile, a unknown man comes across a moose in the trail. After attempting to scare the moose off, it charges and strikes with his front legs. The snowmobiler immediately draws his glock and fires several rounds into the moose dropping it immediately.

OSS Releases A Revolutionary New Suppressor

OSS announced it’s new suppressor at SHOT Show 2014 and claims that it’s a revolutionary piece of equipment that will require the industry to re-think suppressor technology. This video is from Richard Ryan’s new channel www.YouTube.com/Guns. Click here to subscribe for more SHOT Show 2014 videos coming soon. From the OSS website: OSS delivers the […]

New VERTX Concealed Carry Tactical Bag

Bringing a tactical bag to the airport can draw needless attention to its carrier. Bringing a “regular bag” to the range may incite a few silent chuckles from behind the firing line. So you’ve got electronics, firearms and other valuables…you want to carry them all in one bag. VERTX may have the solution for you[…]