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Caught You!! | Two For Flinching

Adam Painchaud from the Sig Academy introduces a drill designed to do away with the dreaded flinch that all honest shooters battle with.  I consistently train and encourage dry-fire practice, and I believe it to be an invaluable part to any shooting regiment. Dry-fire practice allows us to concentrate exclusively on the movement in the gun that […]

Shooting Steel with Two of IPSC’s Best

Eric Grauffel and Robert Vogel are superstars of the IPSC world and by watching the way they demolish this steel you can see why.  Both competitors possess an incredibly impressive resume of achievements within the firearms world, and although they are not combat shooters, both have mastered the pistol. Eric Grauffel has astoundingly won 199 President Medals […]

Gun Shot Wounds | A Dr.’s POV | NSFW

Dr. Andreas Grabinsky, an Anesthesiologist, takes us through the reality of gun shot wounds from his own medical perspective and experiences.  Some images are graphic, and discretion should be used when viewing.   This is an excellent presentation for anyone who does not fully understand the effects of high speed projectiles on the human body or […]

Rare Collection of Tiffany & Co. Pistols

Finally, something at Tiffany’s for me. This collection of fine pistols from Tiffany & Co. were designed to demonstrate the elegance and power of American Industry by creating such beautiful works of art using methods that were unachievable by others at the time. Tiffany & Co. formerly made decorative swords for Officers during the Civil […]