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Armed Family Stops Burglar | Plan & Act

An armed family confronts a man attempting to break into their home with fatal consequences. Families that shoot together stay together.  Something I’ve always said to friends and people on the range; mostly jokingly and to help break the tension for people new to the sport. This video though, demonstrates just how true that statement can […]


Smart Gun Technology | Tracking Police Firearms

Guns that recognize a person’s grip, pistols that communicate in live-time their exact condition and location, and guns that have a strong affinity for watches. It was only a matter of time before firearms and recent advances in RFID technology, Web Mobilization, and ID Recognition Software clashed and produced some sorts of cybernetic organisms that […]


Flexible Weapons | Don’t Be One Dimensional

Please understand that I do not encourage or enjoy the use or carrying of weapons and I urge you to consult and follow all [Federal/State/Provincial/Municipal] laws and regulations before you even consider the responsibility. The historic Ninja, more accurately Shinobi, Shinobi-no-mono, or Kusa were masters of many different skills.  Most notably escape and evasion.  Escaping hostile […]