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Incredibly Detailed Factory Tour of TOPS Knives

TOPS Knives is a proudly American knife manufacturer based out in the Rocky Mountains.  They produce some of the world’s most rugged knives used by survivalists and operators alike.  In this video we are taken behind closed doors into their factory by Andy Tran from the InnerBark Outdoors channel and Funker Tactical contributor. Andy is […]

RAID FAIL | Russians (Militia)

A hilarious look into the Russian military (edit: militia not military) responding to a terrorist attack in Grozny.  Some have claimed this to be a “fierce fire fight” but look for yourself and you’ll identify some glaring missteps by a force endlessly glorified in the world stage. While no one will doubt the ability of […]

MSBS Radom | Modularity Redefined.

The Polish weapon manufacturer Łucznik Arms Factory is designing a weapon that can be converted from a conventional assault rifle into a bullpup using the same internal components and receiver. There are rumors that a functioning weapon will be at SHOT Show 2015. Last year they only had a 3D rendering of the weapon. As […]

Syrian Boy Under Sniper Video…Fake.

According to reports by the New York Post: The viral video of a Syrian boy heroically dodging sniper fire to rescue a little girl is an actually an elaborate ruse intended to spark debate about “innocent children growing up in war,” its creators revealed Friday. The article reveals that a Norweigan production company produced the video for […]