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Knife Duel vs Knife Attack |Increase The Odds in Your Favour

In this video Doug Marcaida explains the fundamental differences between attacking with a blade and dueling with an opponent who also has a blade. The primary difference, he explains, is your ready position.  In a knife attack the weapon must be concealed until the gap between you and your intended target is sufficiently closed to […]


Sailor in Iconic VJ Day Photo Dies at 86

Glenn Edward McDuffie, the sailor who grabbed and passionately kissed a nurse in the middle of Times Square after finding out WWII was over has died at the age of 86. The iconic photo dubbed the “VJ Day Kiss” (Victory over Japan) was shot August 14, 1945 and represented the collective “exhale” of the international […]

Honor | Integrity | Respect

In a recent Funker Tactical video release, resident Kali expert Doug Marcaida breaks down what it means to pass along his knowledge to the next generation of warriors.  He discusses how the nature of disrespectful criticism stems from insecurities in a world where everyone is trying to be the best and claiming to have all […]

Facebook Targets Firearms Community

If you’re a gun enthusiast, Facebook is about to kill most of the pages you enjoy visiting. If you’re a weapons manufacturer who relies on Facebook to sell your goods, be prepared for a significant drop in sales because things are about to get ugly.


Standardized Hand Signals

Standardized hand signals are a part of military training.  For civilian training applications this may be too much to manage.  In your opinion, what are the top ten commands that every armed civilian must learn and memorize as part of their basic training?   Bonus question:  What is the hand signal for “Female Suspect”?