Taking a look back at the NRAAM in Dallas Texas this year, we are asking the question:  what truly stood out or impressed us? 


A traveling event, the annual meeting known as the NRAAM took place this year at the Kay Bailey Hutchison convention center in downtown Dallas, Texas this year.   A few of the team members from Funker Tactical attended the show to meet fans, catch up with friends,  and talk to industry partners and the manufacturers that were in attendance.

Todd Fossey speaks to reporters looking for a story

Jared Wihongi visits with fans at the Browning booth









Several groups of protesters assembled during the three day event but truly they were not impactful in terms of being seen and heard to the average attendee. Speakers included Vice President Mike Pence,  President Donald J. Trump,  Kyle Kushev, a student from Parkland, FL and the Sutherland Springs shooting  “good guy with a gun“ Stephen Williford.

Inside the convention center was a mix of meetings and presentations along along with the massive gathering of vendors in the convention center itself.  What makes the NRAAM different is that it is open to the public  – anyone with an NRA membership can attend walk the floor  – and get hands on with anything the manufacturers are willing to share.

The one thing we kept finding ourselves asking over and over again was “what’s new“  – and then we visited the KRYTOS Industries booth.  The booth was inviting – with a simple “TITANIUM GLOCK SLIDES” sign and video of an obvious torture test on the product on the big screen monitor.  Take a look at the video we shot a the booth:

While this is a new company, things look promising.  They are claiming a 25% or more weight reduction, and speaking with the folks at the booth, they have done their research and T&E.  The processes?  How do they do it?  It involves a vacuum that they had to build, atmospheric pressure, and more… Take a look at the science and technical specs here: KrytosIndustries.com

We’ve got to share the video of Todd Fossey “educating” a reporter outside of the convention center, check this out, and leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know what you think!

This Reporter Will NEVER Broadcast THIS interview from the NRAAM!

This reporter will never broadcast this interview. While at the NRA Convention a reporter from Miami approached me about the subject of gun control. I think he got more than he bargained for. What do you think?-Todd Fossey

Posted by Funker Tactical on Friday, May 11, 2018




Overall,  we had a great time in a great city, Dallas proved to be a fantastic host, check out some pics below –


Maxim Defense Stock

Todd check out the Faxon Firearms lightweight AR-15 for the first time









NLT SIRT training pistols

The Rifle HIPERFIRE gave away at NRAAM








Boon And Tanto greet fans at the Maxim Defense Booth

New M&P slides from FAXON Firearms








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