We have all been there – looking down at a drawer of box that holds all of the tried, yet not true, PISTOL HOLSTERS that we had hoped would be the one that could last a lifetime.  Yet they all somehow fell short.  SOMETHING was not right.  Not perfect enough to make it the winner you had hoped it would be.

That being said, here are 3 things that all holsters MUST HAVE, no matter what!:


The gun should not be loose, wiggly, or have extra room in the holster.  Proper retention – knowing that the gun is secure if you have to tuck and roll, yet will release perfectly into your hand when you intentionally grab and pull on the grip – is essential.  Adjustable retention is preferred, you can tighten screws to get it JUST RIGHT for your liking.


Material that COMPLETELY covers the trigger and trigger guard is another imperative aspect of a properly designed holster.  Materials that allow you to press a finger anywhere near the trigger while holstered should be avoided at all costs.


Lastly, the holster should be comfortable enough to be worn as your everyday carry option.  Wether you choose to carry inside or outside of the waistband, appendix carry or another option such as ankle carry, being comfortable should be a priority.  You should seek to be as comfortable as possible, depending on what activities you are doing and how you are carrying your weapon.


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In future articles, we will dig deeper into carry options and other holster specific topics.  Does your current EDC holster cover our 3 must haves?!  Leave a comment below and share this article on social media to be a part of the discussion!




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