A recent segment on “The View” had the ladies who host the show exposing their lack of research and knowledge again, this time it was the subject of concealed carry weapons being allowed on Texas Universities by legal concealed carry licensees.   Here are the nonsensical musings once again for your consideration.  We do want to give credit for the lone voice of reason, co-host Jedediah Bila, who showed some common sense and has obviously been exposed to guns in the past as she spoke on the concept of “gun free zones” in relation to mass shooting statistics.  The others, however, need some education.  Remember, this show rates well and has a loyal following daily!


Here is what they got wrong:

  1. 1:02 “to get a gun license, you don’t have to actually learn how to shoot the gun”
    NOT TRUE: here is a chart that shows the states that do not require live fire training in ORANGE:

2.  1:35  “of 160 active shooter situations….. the FBI found only ONE case where an armed civilian intervened to stop an attack”

FLASE – There are dozens of stories that have shown concealed permit holders ending a mass shooting within the past 20 years, as well as neutralizing literally hundreds of thousands of potential deadly personal encounters annually.

3.  1:56  “statistically, you are more likely to kill another civilian or yourself with a gun”

WHAT?!?!  So now Concealed carriers are the bad guys shooting other civilians and themselves?  This is a made up “statistic” that once she says it, no on questions it because it SOUNDS like she previously supported it with facts, but did not!  They do this all of the time on the VIEW…

4.   2:11 “the last thing you need in a dark theatre, with adrenaline pumping,  is a bunch of people popping up (to shoot at the bad guy)…. because when someone comes to save the day, who are they going to shoot at?  Anyone with a gun”

While this too, sounds like the dreaded “wild wild west”, her story is just that: a story that she has just made up.  There are no cases of a “bunch of people popping up”.  And when she mentions someone “saving the day”, I wonder if she would complain if her “story” played out in real life and you were the hero sitting next to her that eliminated the murderous villain she surely fears!


As soon as Jedediah Bila states “the gun is NOT THE PROBLEM”, Whoopi immediately throws it to a commercial break.  How convenient.

There have been no retractions, no corrections, and no further discussion regarding the untruths and misleading information.  The real concern is that this type of content continues to feed false information to the masses, to the public at large.  The View is not something we can recommend when it comes to opinions and advice on your right to defend yourself.

UPDATE: Jedediah Bila has recently left as a host of the VIEW.

What are your thoughts on licensed concealed carry on campuses in the USA?  Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page today.


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