If you’re like us, there is one issue when it comes to cleaning your AR-15 rifle. It’s all about that one area where the bolt locks up with the barrel – that one spot that no cleaning patch seems to get right and no Q-tip can seem to clean properly. Known as the “star chamber” this area of the gun is often left unclean. You may break up some of the debris with a brush of some sort, but completely cleaning the area is almost impossible. The good news is that SWABITS.com has created a new product called the “Star chamber cleaning foam swab for your AR-15, M4 and other modern sporting rifles.
Watch the video here for a quick example of how swab-its Work:

The unique thing about the SWAB ITS product is that this specific one features wings that penetrate the locking lugs and allows you to get that area we are talking about – that area we all can’t seem to clean properly. Keep in mind that each of the swab it tips from swabs is shed resistant, WASHABLE and reusable and should substantially out last patches and felt pads of a similar cost. They come in bags of three are lint free and fiber free and will change the way you clean your AR-15 rifle.

SWAB ITS discussed live on a recent episode of Gun News Weekly:

SWAB ITS makes a variety of what I like to refer to as oversize reusable Q-tips to clean your gun. I’ve been using several of the different models for almost a year now after first meeting the folks from SWAB ITS at a SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas last year. The product is as advertised, and once you get used to them you will no longer need or want to buy patches again!

Buy swab-its and BREAKTHROUGH cleaning products HERE

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