Do you want to live on YOUR terms? The American Nomads do it everyday!

If you have ever thought about leaving the day job behind and traveling the country  with your family, you have got to check out the truly unique series “AMERICAN NOMADS” brought to you by .  It is an up close look into the lives of the Shaw family – Daniel, Andrea, Gunner and their dog Rusty.

Daniel Shaw is a retired United States Marine, a combat veteran, firearms instructor, father and husband.  The show follows the Shaws across the USA, with stops along the  way related to Daniels training.  At work, you’ll learn all about breaching with explosives , as well as the challenges that arise while working during the annual NRA event in Georgia while meeting with fans and getting “hangry”!

The series also focuses on family life on the road and in a mobile home.  From short showers to home schooling with mom, you get an in depth look at the day to day lives of this couple that has been together for over 20 years.

Daniel wanted to create a career and job that would allow his wife and chid to be in tow, and he has done just that.  Through this video series,  he is able to share thoughts and ideals about life and family along the way, and  he reveals more than you might expect in this multi-part series.  Specifically, you will learn about his ideals in regards to a father’s responsibility to influence his son, something we need more of in today’s society.

Daniel’s wife Andrea is the business manager and school teacher, and shares in the joy that they find together on the road.   She shares that they are learning more about each other daily, and what traveling teaches a family.

It’s fascinating watching the dedication Daniel has to his work and family balance in this series, with trips to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam  – places 6 year old Gunner is are blessed to see.  American Nomads shows some of the learning through experiences model that the Shaws have chosen for Gunner, and it’s safe to say he is getting some fantastic life experiences as a result!


It is easy to consume and enjoy this series of short videos from .  Sharing is a common thread throughout this series and if you are not careful, this dynamic trio will inspire you to look at life differently, take action, and share your experiences with great people along the way.

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– written by Kevin Reichard, Funker Tactical Staff