Celebrity BodyGuard, Martial Artist, Fight Choreographer and all around Tough-Guy Fred Mastro demonstrates one of the simple techniques that he incorporates into his Mastro Self Defence Silat system.

I had the pleasure to meet Fred in Baltimore during a seminar that Doug Marcaida had organized a few months ago.  To put things into perspective in Doug’s words, “There are very few people who scare me, Fred Mastro is one of them”.  Considering I would never want to bump into Doug in a dark alley and be on his bad side, I would consider it prudent to also be wary of those situations or people that cause him to get nervous.


Fred Mastro and The ‘Muscles from Brussels’ JCVD

His quiet demeanour and calm intelligence belies years of experience gained inside, but most importantly, outside of the dojo.  Despite being incredibly nice, Fred’s techniques are bare bones, straight to the point, and without nonesense.  And with very little urging things came to life well before the seminar, as we, specifically GN, found ourselves immersed in impromptu training sessions at the restaurant, outside the hotel, in the hotel lobby, and basically everywhere Fred went.  He was always willing to discuss the finer points of techniques by accompanying them with demonstrations.   GN’s questions often led to painful but interesting answers as Fred demonstrated the multiple variables one must consider when managing conflict while maintaining the safety of your principal, or more so, the guy who pays you to keep him safe.


As the following technique demonstrates, in a physical confrontation, there is almost no time to react, let alone complete complicated techniques.  The video explains it well enough, now it’s time to put it to the test. What have you and your training partners discovered by applying this simple yet effective technique?


Fred and Liam Neeson

As always, practice with certified instructors, and take care of your training partners.

Train well, train often.






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