This week I taught Law Enforcement Carbine Vitals I and II at the Ohio Tactical Officers Association Annual Conference in Sandusky Ohio.   The conference had over 1,000 officers Numerous US states and many officers from Canada in attendance.  I was there to teach, but I was able to sit in on lectures the day before my class.  There were many notable speakers dropping knowledge bombs all day, but the one that stood to me the most was by Lt. Brian Murphy.

Lt. Murphy was the first responding officer to the Sikh Temple shooting that took place on August 5th 2012.

Lt. Murphy was shot through the face and neck almost immediately upon arrival at the scene. He was shot a total of 17 times during the engagement, but continued to fight.  His fellow officers arrived and took down the gunman.  One of those officers was a seasoned medic who was able to stabilize Murphy.

In a gravely whisper, Murphy explained the events as they unfolded and provided information on lessons learned from the event.

I wasn’t able to find the exact video and radio traffic that Murphy used in his lecture, but I urge you to read up on the event and lessons learned, especially if your lifestyle involves the use of force in any way.

Read a Police One Article about previous lecture here.

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