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Mob Violence is Commonplace

It is in the headlines and in the street. It is everywhere or at least it seems that it is and the reality is that it can occur just about anywhere.

The faces and the places may change, but mob violence is the same old demon burning out our cities and undermining our feelings of safety and security.

It’s a matter of time before it happens near you.

What are you going to do about it?

1. Prepare to deal with Mob Violence

Preparation is the single best thing we can do to be ready to deal with the undesirables that come our way.

Although many folks get by on luck alone and successfully navigate complicated situations without preparation, the benefits for preparing to deal with a high stakes situation are difficult to dispute.

Especially when preparation can be rather simple.

Study Mob Violence

YouTube. Maybe you have heard of it? It can be a handy tool for studying human behavior. Start with a simple search for “mob violence.” Then pay attention.

  • How does the violence develop?
  • What is the trigger?
  • What actions are taken that help people escape?
  • What actions are taken that make the situation worse?

Look particularly for patterns and you might start to get a sense.

War Game Realistic Scenarios

Taking a look a scenarios that are realistic for you and your situation is critical.

Think about where you spend your time. Maybe you work in an office downtown, live in a trendy urban area, love watching your favorite professional team in person, enjoy live music, or simply like to go to the movies.

Wherever you spend your time, war game it. Your team wins the game and a group of disgruntled opposing fans starts setting dumpsters on fire. You are enjoying Clint Eastwood’s latest when you hear rowdy teens busting up the lobby. Police shoot and kill a teenager and a large segment of society takes offense.

First, how do you avoid the situation all together?

What if you can’t? What do you do? What locations may be safer than others? How can you stay physically close to those that you care about? What exits are close? Where and how far is your vehicle? Will you be parked in when you get there? How will you defend yourself between your location and home? What if plan A is a fail?

Think about what could happen. Look back at history to see what HAS happened, then make a plan.


Once you have a plan, break it down and train it. Begin with the skills you are most likely to need. Although shooting a gun is fun, if you are a high school math teacher it isn’t very likely that you are going to have a gun to fight with when the student body goes berserk. Use your circumstances and your plan to define your training. Avoid focusing exclusively on any single tool.

If you leave physical fitness out you have missed the boat. Mob violence presents the opportunity for long stretches of intense physical activity related to your safety. Be fit.

2. Avoid Mob Violence

Avoidance is a Win

Regardless of how hard you train, how strong, fast or accurate you are, if you are involved in violence you can loose. The stakes are high and the only way to be sure to avoid the negatives of violence is to avoid it.

Pay Attention

Watch the news. Watch people around you. Listen to your gut. When things start to feel uncomfortable, you are already behind the curve. Don’t second guess yourself or others you care about.

Use Common Sense

It might be your favorite band, the playoffs, or report that needs to be ready for Monday.

Make sensible and balanced decisions. If things look iffy, buy the album, watch the game at home, or work from the satellite office.


We must accept that even if we work hard to avoid mob violence we may find ourselves in it anyway. The next best way to avoid violence is to get away from it. Evade.


Remember physical fitness? It may be in your best interest to exit the area quickly and this may mean on foot. Be ready to walk or run toward safety.

Blend In

You may not be able to move right away. In that case, consider blending in. Put a black hoody in your briefcase. Look like one of the mob until you see your opportunity to move.


There are some places you can be that are safer than others. Move toward those areas you identified in your plan as “safer” areas. As opposed to running away from danger randomly, focus on moving to an area you believe to be safer.


There is no doubt that avoidance and evasion are the preferred options, however, the reality is that your only option in some circumstances may be to respond.

Take a Secure Position

A secure position can be as simple as stepping into the recessed area of a building entry way. Effectively, you put yourself in the “eddy” where the crowd is passing by inches without noticing you tucked in a relatively secure alcove. You also have placed yourself in a position where you can be attacked only from the front which limits the number of assailants you ave to deal with at any given moment.

When it comes to mob violence you are likely to face multiple attackers and as a result consider that position becomes that much more important. A technique called stacking can be advantageous.

3. Tools

Use them.

Sure if the situation requires it, the scenario makes sense to deploy it and you have it, go to guns. It doesn’t always work that way.

Put your flashlight or the rock that was just thrown at you in your hand and throw hammer fists.

Use the fire extinguisher to spray and strike.

Swing the brass fitting on the end of that fire hose.

Anything that can multiply your force can help to swing the odds in your favor.

4. Respond with Vigor

Turn your response on like a light switch. Instantly. From seemingly nothing to every ounce of fight that is required to resolve the situation. When it comes to mob violence (any violence really,) it isn’t likely that you will have time to ramp it up. Bring what you need as hard and as fast as you can bring it.

Be the one that the mob fears.

Your Actions Today Make a Difference

Preparing to deal with virtually unthinkable situations today will pay dividends when they really count. The obvious benefit in preparing to deal with that angry mob is being more prepared to deal with mob violence should you ever face it. It doesn’t end there.

In addition to becoming more prepared to deal with a terrifying mob, you will be learning skills along the way that will help you to deal with the “typical” violence people experience in our nation everyday. In addition, you will build confidence in your skills. The result is a demeanor that discourages your selection as a victim and an outlook on life that makes it more pleasant and enjoyable everyday.

Get to it.

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Paul Carlson is the Owner of Safety Solutions Academy

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