Everyone loves to rob hotels it seems, but this particular individual just happens to have chosen one which is temporarily home to two professional fighters.  Let’s have the “is MMA street effective” discussion.

There has always existed a feud between traditional or combat martial arts and those that are labelled as Sport, or Competitive, or that are organized in a manner in which combatants can safely challenge each other.

The combat martial artists like to look at the Sport Fighting techniques as watered-down, and confined and marginalized to the ‘ring’ and its refs and rules.  They like to argue that ‘real’ combat and aggression is dirty, and raw, and the training involved in preparing for a competitive fight does not prepare you for the brutality and viscousness of a real violent confrontation.  Nor does it allow all of the nasty little techniques that they relish like small joint manipulation, ripping and tearing etc.

The Sport Fighters counter when they compare their sparring, and the levels of force they are able to use safely on training partners and not risk serious injury with the sometimes limited sparring of  self-defense or military style systems.  For example, on the mat, you can go 60-80% of full power on your training partner if that excludes techniques like eye-gouging, strikes to the throat, eyes, back of head, or techniques not designed to quickly and severely incapacitate opponents.  It is easy to evoke that fight-or-flight response, and have combatants respond under pressure, whereas when you practice a technique which delivers the point of an elbow to the centre of an opponent’s throat, how forceful can you go, and how much resistance can your training partner provide.

Surviving a violent confrontation depends on numerous variables, and perhaps most importantly, fitness level / ability, an mindset may be the most critical.  A willingness to respond with possibly preemptive violence, or the comfort of delivering your fist to another person’s body with some gusto are also variables that need to be considered.

If we were to take ‘Billy’ and ‘Bobby’, twins who decided to each participate in a combat system, one sport, the other traditional, and set them upon each other, what would decide the conclusion?

In the below video, and to voice a personal opinion, you can notice the assailant is pinned utilizing a technique that leaves the good samaritan exposed to further threat.  Especially so if he did not have the aid of his friend.

Where do you view the divide?

Train well, train often


[youtube id=”V3EI1n_7JwU”]

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