It may be a cliche but frequently “A Good Guy with a gun stops a Bad Guy with a gun”, and this video provides quite a good breakdown of the situation to serve the example.

A customer at a grocery store is present while an armed robbery is occurring.  The customer reacts and draws a concealed firearm which he discharges wounding the suspect and ending the altercation.  The narrator does a reasonably good job evaluating the situation, though one thing I did notice was the customer at 1:25 present his pistol, which the suspect does not see I think because of his hood, then go back to a low ready, only to re-engage and discharge multiple shots. A variable may be off-camera, but to me it looked like the armed customer had a clearer line of fire, and earlier opportunity to engage the threat.  Did the customer hesitate or did he have reason to hold steady?

What did you pull from the video?

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[youtube id=”LRG5fj1di9k”]

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