A man attempts to rob the clerk at a hotel in Atlanta but when the victim attempts to capture the gun, the suspect ends up shooting themselves.  The victim sustained an injury to the abdomen and did recover while the burglar was killed on scene.

The below video is interesting for two main reasons: The first in what it appears to present, and secondly a reminder about what happens to people who ‘play with guns’.

The security footage shows the assailant holding the gun in his right hand while he demands cash from the clerk.  As the clerk reaches out to hand over the money, he apparently makes an attempt to grab the weapon which results in him first being shot, and then the suspect’s flinch reaction carries the muzzle upwards resulting in his own demise.  It is reportedly two shots fired in extremely quick succession, and after watching the video again and again, I still have a hard time catching the grab, shot, and second shot which appears to coincide with the jump of the papers.

Secondly, this video demonstrates what inadequate training and firearms combine to create.  Firearms have been long heralded as force equalizers, but there are many instances where the individual who presents a firearm winds up on the receiving end of the equation.  Whether the armed individual has been the aggressor or not, a failure or weakness in our training can have fatal consequences when due respect is not given.  It also is a good example which may help in determining when it is appropriate to react, perhaps with violence, and how much violence,  and when it is best to comply with an aggressor’s demands.

It is obviously easy to comment from the comfort of our home and discuss what we would have or wouldn’t have done.  Did the clerk have better options? Could he have moved in a different way, and what would the outcome have been had he simply handed over the money and let the authorities deal with the criminals?  I am not in the business of making myself a victim, but I also highly value my health and safety and do not own any possessions that I would worry about walking away from.  Perhaps your car, or boat, or shoes are much loved, but are they worth more than a properly functioning digestive tract, or the ability to feed and clothe oneself?

These situations often draw clearly defined lines between what people think was done wrong, and what could have been done better.  Where do we draw the line though between standing our ground and needlessly risking our lives?


It is a topic worthy of debate, and I hope to hear your thoughts.


Train well, train often.


[youtube id=”HOQj5GYDxzU”]

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