UPDATE: Three Hostages have been released.  Reports still saying there are between 12 and 40 total in the cafe.

Sky News


ABC News


-At least 2 gunmen, suspected more right now. (unconfirmed if they have guns, however) [12:00 GMT]

-The gunmen forced 2 female hostages to press themselves against the glass window of the cafe while holding up a black Islamic flag that resembles the generic black standard used by extremist groups, including ISIS back in 2007. This is NOT the same flag as the ISIS flag. [12:02 GMT]

-There are at least 13 hostages right now, possibly more. [12:04 GMT]

-Airspace over Sydney reserved for military/police, other traffic diverted (confirmed) [12:09 GMT]

-Reports of threats made against other places in Sydney according to ABC24 (CONFIRMED). [12:14GMT]

-Reports that one of the gunmen is wearing a backpack and some sort of a vest. (unconfirmed) [12:24 GMT]

-Suspicious package at Sydney opera house, building fully evacuated (unconfirmed). [12:25 GMT]

-Gunmen have made demands on live radio to speak to the Australian Prime Minister. [12:30 GMT]

-A middle-aged looking gunman has been witnessed through the window by ABC24 [12:39 GMT] (unconfirmed).

-Possibly a second gunman witnessed through the window wearing a black headband with white writing in Arabic on it (unconfirmed) [12:42 GMT]

-Australian PM’s office releases message that the national security cabinet is holding an emergency meeting (hostage crisis confirmed), possibly Australian military response. [12:42 GMT]

-Sydney harbor bridge closed down (confirmed by Channel 7 news) [12:51 GMT]

-2 gunmen confirmed by unidentified Lindt chocolate cafe employee who managed to escape [12:54 GMT]

-Hostages being held in 2 different groups according to unidentified Lindt chocolate cafe employee who managed to escape [12:55 GMT]
Channel7 news reporting that an individual walked into a Sydney hospital with a suspicious package, and then disappeared and is currently missing. [12:57 GMT]

-CEO of Lindt Australia now saying that there are currently 40-50 hostages being held (unconfirmed) [12:58 GMT]

Source: Reddit /u/braindeathx

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