Guns that recognize a person’s grip, pistols that communicate in live-time their exact condition and location, and guns that have a strong affinity for watches.

It was only a matter of time before firearms and recent advances in RFID technology, Web Mobilization, and ID Recognition Software clashed and produced some sorts of cybernetic organisms that fall under the headings of ‘Smart Guns’.

A company called Yardarm Technologies has created a sensor that fits into the grip cavity of Glock Pistols and are under trials with various Police Departments.  The sensor communicates the location of the firearm, its condition whether holstered or not, and if it is discharged.  The sensor does this in real time directly to the main communications section of the precinct and Yardarm Tech. hopes that it will aid in increasing not only officer safety, but civilian safety as well.


Yardam Technologies has developed a sensor that fits into the grip cavity of Glocks that provides real-time information to a central communications office.


If this will aid in offering increased safety to all those involved I completely support this technology.  With technology weighing so heavily in our society though, the generalization of this technology is something that should not be ignored.  This means the possible inclusion of this technology in all civilian firearms by mandate.

The next evolution in firearms  involves user recognition technology.  A firearm that may only be fired by a specific person, or persons. This is being accomplished in a few different ways, but perhaps most easily with the use of RFID technology.  Another company called Armatix has developed a ‘Smart System’ that requires the owner to wear a watch which is connected by radio-control to the firearm.  Without the watch in close proximity, the firearm will not discharge and the watch must be armed by the user.


These are interesting times when firearms may prove to be more intelligent than some of their owners.  The added safety of knowing that your firearm is essentially deactivated to anyone but yourself could be an alluring feature and I am sure if in place in previous generations could have saved plenty of people who were killed by their own guns or accidentally by others.

As always though, I will continue to rely upon personal responsibility. Know how to safely handle your firearms, and give them the proper respect they deserve.

– Adam


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