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Ever shoot your suppressor off? Jeff from The Armory After Hours YouTube channel has. See how long it takes him!

The idea is to torture-test his AAC Ti-Ran 9-mm and challenge the belief that titanium or aluminum suppressors should only be shot a few times in rapid succession and then let it cool down. He also neglected to clean his suppressor, and then shot almost 500 rounds through it as fast as possible.

This isn’t the first time he has done it either. He has also shot off his Surefire suppressor that was stuck on his MK18. He had tried almost everything but it wasn’t coming off. Surprisingly, Surefire and KAC recommend shooting off the suppressor with a blank or in extreme cases, a live round.


[youtube id=”Ynw3T2sCdEM&list=UUHzyaUbRINKLh_K4E7nsHfw”]

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