RAID FAIL | Russians (Militia)


A hilarious look into the Russian military (edit: militia not military) responding to a terrorist attack in Grozny.  Some have claimed this to be a “fierce fire fight” but look for yourself and you’ll identify some glaring missteps by a force endlessly glorified in the world stage.

While no one will doubt the ability of these Russian soldiers ability to suppress a multi-story building with the 7n6 round, there are many, many things that are tactically erroneous.

  • Firing with the weapon with the buttstock off the shoulder. (0:49)
  • Firing behind your own guys where safer positioning options are clearly visible. (1:28)
  • Trying to suppress  in full-auto while running sideways.  (2:48)

This amounts to an epic trip and fall that could have easily ended up in a blue on blue casualty.


While I hesitate to play arm chair general, my own experience as an infantryman knows this would have gotten me and my brothers not only laughed at, but disciplined.



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