A tip of the hat to the pugilists who came before me.


It is a hard line to find sure footing on; the ability to be a gentleman in your day to day life, but still possess the capacity to do unthinkable damage to an opponent who threatens our wellbeing or that of our loved ones.

“I have introduced a new style of self defence, which can be very terrible in the hands of a quick, confident exponent” – E.W. Barton-Wright

As E.W. Barton-Wright demonstrates, it is possible to arrange our deportment such that we are respectful, caring members of society, but who also have the ferocity and capacity to defend ourselves and our family’s lives.  It is a notion I have thought a great deal about in my own training and education; the duality necessary to exist in such a state is to me, quite a difficult task.
You may know 10 techniques to severely disable an attacker, but do you possess the grit to carry even one out?  This is a question that we must all ask ourselves if our intention is to develop a skill set that may serve to save our own or another persons life or welfare.
What Barton-Wright demonstrates most though, is that as you train and develop, you must take what you learn, and make it your own.  The same technique performed by two different practitioners may have the same result, but may be reached by different methods with differing experiences to the attacker.
Train well Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, but never hesitate when it counts.  Do not get caught up in the how’s or the why’s of a confrontation, until it has been concluded to your benefit.  Allow yourself the permission to do what is necessary to survive.
– Adam

 E.W. BARTON-WRIGHT Late 1800’s


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