Humans and Canines have worked side-by-side for thousands of years and formed a bond that is not easily duplicated by other animals or even amongst humans.

Watch as this K9 Officer rushes to his partners aide and saves him from being overcome by two gunmen during what appears to be a routine traffic stop.


Notice how his K9 Partner reacts without being given a command, but rather he realizes his human counterpart is in a dangerous situation.


Currently, Canines serve alongside many military and police officers all over the world. Their keen senses, fierce loyalty, and intuition combine to create a lethal, but loving and protective partner.  All in all, these dogs are amazing, and they deserve every ounce of credit they receive.




Any K9 LEAF Officers in the community with stories to share about their  partners?   Let’s get these guys some much deserved attention.


– Adam

[youtube id=”SVeb15eVPWA”]

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