When Seconds Count | One Veteran’s Actions Saves Lives


Craig Everette, was put in a life or death situation along with his family.

Everette, a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, was previously awarded the Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman Badge, so this was not a completely unfamiliar situation he was placed in.  Thankfully, his actions saved lives.

10505420_789081641111140_4230498948430672204_nPictured:  SPC. Craig Everette in Afghanistan.  He is the second from the right in the standing row.

According to various reports, Everette was occupying his place of residence with his Aunt when her estranged ex-boyfriend showed up and began firing shots on the lawn.  Then, the ex-boyfriend/shooter breached the house and as his Aunt and her current boyfriend ran for cover in a bathroom, the shooter then attempted to shoot through a bathroom door.  This wounded the current boyfriend of the Aunt.

As this was occurring, Everette grabbed a shotgun and ran out the back of the home.  As his training kicked in, he flanked around to the front of the house.  Once there, he neutralized the threat and removed the weapons which included two handguns and a shotgun.vet-shooting-2Police that arrived on the scene knew that if it weren’t for Everette’s quick acting and lack of hesitation, there would have been a body count that included more than just the shooter. Bravo to this fine young man.

As much as he will be called the catch-all term “hero”, he needs to know that he has supporters out there who recognize him for his service and commitment to action.

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