Ever wanted to SBR your AR-15?  Not even sure what that means? Well, SBR stands for “Short Barreled Rifle”.

Any rifle shorter with a barrel length shorter than 16″ must be registered as an NFA item through the ATF.  Traditionally, to “Form 1” your own lower receiver it was a strictly by-mail process that had a turnover rate of up to 1 year!  However, they have been renovating their online infrastructure and the wait times have been turned into a fraction of what they were.  Reddit Users are routinely posting 17-21 days on the subreddit r/NFA. 45422 Pictured: An AR-15 lower receiver.  These can be bought for $60-$80 and are the only part actually required for creating a Form 1 SBR AR-15. It’s still by no means an ‘easy’ process but now that most of the wait time will come on ‘your’ end; I could see more people taking advantage of this. First thing is setting up an NFA trust and getting your lower receiver stamped or engraved with:

(1) the model number, if any; (2) the caliber or gauge; and (3) in the case of a domestically manufactured firearm, (a) the manufacturer’s name, and (b) the city and state where the firearm was made; or (4) in the case of an imported firearm, (a) the importer’s name, (b) the city and state of the importer’s place of business, (c) the foreign manufacturer’s name, and (d) the country in which the firearm was manufactured

After that’s done, you upload your NFA trust (a lawyer and notary can make one for you) to the ATF’s online E-Forms website along with the specifications of your rifle and mail them a $200 check: https://www.ATFonline.gov/EForms/ AACMPW Pictured:  Advanced Armament Companies Personal Defense Weapon.  If you wanted a rifle like this, you’d have to order their “Upper” receiver separately as AAC can’t transfer the full rifle to you on a Form 1.  Those are still Form 3 items and the wait times are still 9 months to a year out.  Convoluted… I know.

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