Why are we calling the enemy by their chosen name?

The enemy.

Who is he?  Why do we care?

Our enemies are not to be reasoned with.  They should not be identified solely for committing heinous acts.

The current leadership of the ‘West’ has unwittingly, given our enemy a strategic propaganda win. Insurgent math shows that every person exposed to an idea can be either for or against it.

us-special-forces-subsonic-ammunition-covert-missionsPictured: Not the enemy

For 9/11, as much as we tout “We will not forget”, it was still a huge propaganda win for Al Qaeda. It turned them into a terrorist household name and they enjoyed the infamy as disaffected males from all over the world joined Al Qaeda’s mad cause.

I hate making any statement that can be interpreted as ‘political’ because it loses meaning.  It becomes part of the ‘banter’ and your point is lost.

I have to say though, many world leaders have made a huge mistake by calling them anything other than Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria.  The name “Al Qaeda” encompassed radical Islam for over the past decade.  Yet now, the media and government are enthusiastically calling the enemy by a different name.  The media is running headlines showing their flag and their acronym 24/7.  It gives this group, who is in reality a composition of HORRIBLY trained ‘fighters’, an air of legitimacy that they don’t deserve.

It’s absurd.  We’re giving the enemy free press and helping their cause.  We’re literally giving the enemy the propaganda tools he needs to recruit with just so newspapers can run headlines and government officials can feel bolstered…


And… Yes, I realize the irony of talking about them in this article.

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