Real Life M-41A Pulse Rifle By Lage Manufacturing

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Lage Manufacturing has been working on this for some time now, and after a few years of development and field testing they have finished their final product. Due to the costly process Lage Manufacturing used to produce this single weapon, they will not be making any for commercial use.

The M-41A pulse rifle is actually not a rifle at all, but a sub-machine gun that is chambered in 9mm, and a short barreled 12 gauge shotgun made to imitate the famous rifle from the Alien movie franchise. The sub-machine gun components of the M-41A are made up of a NFA registered SWD M11/9 with an Anthony Smith styled Suomi (Thompson) upper receiver and a non-modified M11/9 lower receiver. As for the under slung shotgun component, it is an NFA registered Remington 870 AOW/SBR.

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