New York State compliant AR’s

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A citizen shows off his new .223 caliber AR-15 made by Stag Arms that was deemed legal to own by state legislators in New York , although the rifle’s main mechanical function in it’s upper and lower receiver are still the same, it was the cosmetic changes of the pistol grip, muzzle and collapsible stock that was changed into the NY friendly rifle seen above in the video. While this isn’t exactly something new to the firearm’s community of the lovely state of New York, there is a new line of NY compliant rifles made by Black Rain out of missouri which features a special hybrid grip, a Non threaded muzzle, a fixed stock, low capacity 10 round ” magazine” and a Lo-pro gas block that doesn’t have the evil bayonet lug. However these aren’t the only companies making these types of new age rifles as other firearm manufacturer’s have decide to jump on this new trend and have been doing so since May 2013.

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