In a recent Funker Tactical video release, resident Kali expert Doug Marcaida breaks down what it means to pass along his knowledge to the next generation of warriors.  He discusses how the nature of disrespectful criticism stems from insecurities in a world where everyone is trying to be the best and claiming to have all the right answers.  He believes in the importance of a holistic fighting style where the warrior is at peace with himself, his god and the potential consequences of his actions.  In this way, Doug is prepared to cut.  Prepared to end the fight.  Prepared to handle the consequences in the defense of his life and the protection of his loved ones.

If you were to add another element to honor, integrity and respect…what might that be?

Enjoy the video:


(The answer the to situational awareness test brought to you by 5.11 Tactical is: AK47)

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