OSS Releases A Revolutionary New Suppressor


OSS announced it’s new suppressor at SHOT Show 2014 and claims that it’s a revolutionary piece of equipment that will require the industry to re-think suppressor technology. This video is from Richard Ryan’s new channel www.YouTube.com/Guns. Click here to subscribe for more SHOT Show 2014 videos coming soon.

From the OSS website:

OSS delivers the next generation of weapon suppression and signature reduction devices. Our Energy, Particulate Capture and Control Modular Devices are revolutionary, utilizing 12 patented technologies. OSS devices are specifically engineered to a weapon’s operating system, caliber, and barrel length. The function and physics of these variables are the essential basics of every design. The weapon system’s performance and reliability will not be sacrificed in order to gain the advantages of suppression.

Read more here- http://oss-online.com/the-system-2.html

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