AP_maryland_mall_shooting_5_jt_140125_16x9_992This past week a mentally unstable teenager committed a murder-suicide at a mall in in Maryland.

Every time a shooting like this happens we are left with more questions than answers. There is no truth to be said here other than mental illness and the ability to create violence can lead to severe consequences. While the media will always try to make sense of the senseless, we must take a look at the facts surrounding crime and violence in the state of Maryland.

In this chart presented, we have a look at total crime rates in Maryland over a 34 year period, which was pulled directly from the state website. The trend is that if you are a resident of Maryland, you are as safer than ever before. It is easy to highlight the most shocking crimes committed, and extrapolate them to a national audience via 24/7 news networks. This causes people to act out of fear and relinquish their responsibilities as citizens to authorities in the name of security. It’s not that people are “sheep” in a derogatory manner; it’s that they are bombarded daily by a media that sells fear. This fearmongering is a danger to all those who value their liberty and are able to see the larger picture.


Rather than focus on the real issue at hand and possible solutions to this mental health crisis, the mainstream media would rather focus on how scary the gun looked, how easy it was to buy the gun, and how many pellets were inside of each shotgun shell. In the most recent article by CNN, they also thought it was necessary to end the article with a list of every recent shooting across America that would incite fear into readers. A simple Google search of “Shooting in Chicago” shows pages upon pages of recent shootings that are swept under the rug, because they don’t fall in line with the mainstream media’s political fearmongering agenda.

The real issue at hand for this particular scenario is that a 19 year old decided to murder two people without any clear motive. This kind of irrational behaviour is a mixture between immaturity and other psychological factors. While, I can’t say I’ve never been angry with someone before, I can say I was always able to figure out a way to solve my problems without murder and suicide. The people who commit these kinds of acts are not normal, they are abnormal. We must treat them as the isolated incidents they are, and not blame the murder weapon but the murderer himself. That is the only way there will be accountability for one’s own actions.

Until then, remember that getting someone psychological help is nothing to be ashamed of, it could be a matter of life or death. Don’t be the person on the news claiming you never saw anything odd about a person’s behaviour. The responsibility is ours until the government takes it away. Take pride in that.

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