The year of 2012 was a hype filled year regarding the new carbine coming to the market. It was a semi-auto variant the IDF tested TAVOR bullpup rifle. Originally slated for fall of 2012, the TAVOR SAR did not meet it’s date but did show up at the Park City, KY annual Bullpup Shoot hosted by the good people over at Bullpupforums.com. This showing proved the rifle was no-longer vaporware and the hype for the rifle was unprecedented with pre-orders selling out in record time once it’s release was given a hard date in Febuary of 2013.

However, the success story of bringing a new rifle to the market in the middle of a heated political firearms debate does not have it’s share of hiccups.

One of the things IWI marketed from the very beginning with this rifle was that it would have the end-user ability to be “fully ambidextrous” with a left-ejecting bolt. This proved to be a half-truth as anyone wishing to convert their TAVOR from right to left hand must send it back to IWI. Not a big deal but was definitely a hit to the left-handed shooters out there thinking it would be as simple as swapping bolts.

The second major thing they promised with the TAVOR was the ability to be converted to a 9mm blowback system and gas-operated 5.45×39 caliber. While the 9mm is in it’s final stages of development, the 5.45×39 has unexpectedly and inexplicably been canceled.

This cancellation comes after the conversion was promised for over a year by IWI to it’s rabid TAVOR fanbase who are most vocal at BullpupForums.com about their new favorite firearm.

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