Comfort and quality often go hand in hand, and the H150 is no exception.

When using the belt on a daily basis or on the field I noticed it’s very, very comfortable and it even provides support for my back.  The belt is not stiff but at the same time it’s very solid as it will not bend or deform itself even if you place several pouches, stacked fastmags and even gun holsters.

This version came with the Crye Precision Multicam camo, which integrates extremely well with a Multicam loadout and looks really cool!

Overall this belt is superb, a very well-crafted piece of gear, made with high quality material, and it’s a life time acquisition to anyone wanting to purchase a riggers belt.

This belt is available from Leafgear.com and it sells at 89,95€, around $115.


Submitted by Funker Fan Nuno Luz 

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