SHOT SHOW REAL TALK: Why This Benghazi Hero Chose to Represent This Company

A man like Kris could have stepped up to any company and say, I like this, let me rep it. He chose this one. Daniel Shaw catches up with Kris “Tanto” Paronto at SHOT Show 2018 to discuss Maxim Defense’s attention to detail, and what goes into the latest and greatest product development. Using feedback […]

The NEW Funker Tactical Website and Store is now open!

Funkertactical.com is live and better than ever!

2018 brings a brand new year and a fresh new start for Funkertactical.com . Make sure you bookmark this site today and join us for the best tactical videos, news stories, articles and a brand new store where you can now get your very own Funker Tactical gear.

Do you want to live on YOUR terms? The American Nomads do it everyday!

If you have ever thought about leaving the day job behind and traveling the country  with your family, you have got to check out the truly unique series “AMERICAN NOMADS” brought to you by GunBroker.com .  It is an up close look into the lives of the Shaw family – Daniel, Andrea, Gunner and their dog Rusty.


We first saw the TASER PULSE at SHOT SHOW’s industry range day in Las Vegas, my initial reaction was “well ALRIGHT! They got it right!”  The PULSE is a new, smaller, compact version of a TASER that is now shaped like a compact carry gun, and has many of the functions that pistol owners have […]


An Interview with Instructor Zero: The Man Behind the Image

Instructor Zero is fast becoming one of the most recognizable figures in the international tactical community.  While his speed and accuracy are self-evident, there are elements about this charismatic figure that remain in the shadows.  He has risen from seemingly out of nowhere and has acquired an incredible fan base on an international scale.


If you’re like us, there is one issue when it comes to cleaning your AR-15 rifle. It’s all about that one area where the bolt locks up with the barrel – that one spot that no cleaning patch seems to get right and no Q-tip can seem to clean properly. Known as the “star chamber” […]

THE VIEW has it all wrong..when it comes to Concealed Carry on Campus

A recent segment on “The View” had the ladies who host the show exposing their lack of research and knowledge again, this time it was the subject of concealed carry weapons being allowed on Texas Universities by legal concealed carry licensees.   Here are the nonsensical musings once again for your consideration.  We do want […]

For Those Who Don’t Joke | The Original Gross Motor Skill Reload

If you didn’t understand yesterday’s video.  Here is the original.

Travis Haley Demonstrates the Gross Motor Skill Reload with an AK

Before you watch this and get all “internet gun ninja wizard” on them, it’s satire.  

French Father Explains Terror Attacks to His Son | My Thoughts

I see a lot of people on social media bashing this father for his protection of his child’s innocent way of thinking. I have a son about the age of the young boy in the video. Rest assured that he will be raised a warrior gentleman. With that said, I would have probably replaced the […]

Honor Guard Single Stack 9mm | Heard of It?

Paul Carlson with Safety Solutions Academy Provides a detailed overview of the Honor Guard Single Stack 9mm.  The handgun has some interesting design features that are appealing.  I am interested in give it a chance to prove itself.  –Daniel Shaw [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/qzPx8FP7jh4″]

Happy Veterans Day | 5FDP

This song touches a nerve with me even without the video.  Every time I watch it, the onion cutting ninjas sneak in and do their thing. It’s one of my favorites and from a band that loves liberty and makes a needed statement. Do something this Veterans Day. Call your brother, check in, let them […]

Absolutely Crazy!

Nod all bad guys trying to kill you are evil, some aren’t guys at all and some are just 100% crazy. See the new report HERE.  [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/FImFaEgfNqk”]

Is it OK to Look at Your Holster While Re-Holstering?

Is it OK to look at your holster while re-holstering?  Some would say no, others would say yes.  This quick video presents one of the arguments for glancing down at the holster.   Obviously, I was unable to cover every possible scenario in a video that is under 2 minutes in length.  The context here […]

VCQB With William Petty | DVD Coming Fall 2015

VCQB is one of the biggest things to happen in the training industry in the last decade. Petty has directly and indirectly taught the program to thousands of students and hundreds of law enforcement agencies have adopted it in their training plans. This course has been at the top of my list of training events […]

Gang Fight Gone Bad | Graphic!!

When lightsabers are outlawed, only outlaws will have lightsabers. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/4Xkh6j7RMqk”]

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Three Reasons Why The AXTS MI-T556 is My Rifle of Choice

There are a lot of rifles that are accurate; some of them could be considered hard use and others – not so much. AXTS Weapons is an Oregon based rifle and rifle accessory manufacturing company that most will recognize as the makers of the popular Raptor Charging Handle. If you have not heard, AXTS does […]

No Routine Calls

Trinidad, Colorado. An officer responding to a report of an intruder in a vacant mobile home found a man determined to fight. News Report [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bl36OIYj5UQ”]

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Want a Flame Thrower?

A few weeks ago we posted Miculek dual wielding .45 caliber 1911ish pistols. He may have out done that with fire.  Check local laws, you may be able to own one. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/qytppqLt72c”]