The current and outdated paradigm of firearms training simply doesn’t match the contextual needs of the modern Citizen Defender.  Let’s face it, the current model has been heavily influenced by standardized military and law enforcement style training, competition shooting or even worse, static range training.  While this kind of training fulfills an illusion and entertains a fantasy, avaiable data shows there are vast contextual differences between these influences and the realities of being a Citizen Defender.

The current model is one dimensional and focuses solely on shooting or being “a gun fighter”, but what about everything else?  The best analogy I’ve ever heard came from Ken Murray, author of “Training at the Speed of Life”.  Murry equates generic marksmanship to figure skating and fighting with a gun to hockey (notice I didn’t say gun fighting but rather fighting with a gun).  They both move on skates but the context of hockey is very different and downright violent so the way that they skate in hockey is obviously different than a figure skater would skate. I wonder how well a hockey team would fare if all they focused on was taking static slap shots with nobody trying to knock them on their ass let alone trying to kill them, or the consequence of going to prison if they break a rule?


With the invention of modern training aids like the SIRT Training Pistol, Marker Rounds and even Airsoft, we can now train in 3 fluid dimensions.  We can train against real people with realistic circumstances, resistance and intentions.  We can train in a way that addresses the whole of the personal defense experience.  Training for the Citizen Defender that is objectively prioritized by available data.




Training that includes:

  • Mindset
  • Situational Awareness
  • Thread Assessment
  • Legalities
  • Patterns of Violent Crime
  • Conflict Avoidance & Deterrence
  • Psychology of Violence
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Commands
  • Neural Psychology
  • Reactionary Gaps & Lag Times
  • Weapons Based Combatives (Standing and On the Ground)
  • Dynamic Ready and Dynamic Shooting Positions
  • Defensive Shooting
  • Marksmanship
  • Tactics & Maneuvers
  • CQB
  • After Action & After Math
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Threat Recognition
  • Force On Force Scenario Training

Notice I said, “training” the above not just talking about it.  There is a huge difference between an intellectual understanding and a conditioned and trained response through exposure and repetition.  Common knowledge is not common practice.

The list of bullet points above is obviously an abbreviated list.  However, what is important is the interdependent integration of adaptable principles in training.  Understanding that these skills are indivisible from one another in a way that addresses the whole.  Training in this way allows for each Citizen Defender to prioritize and adapt these skills to their unique set of attributes and circumstances.  Live fire has its place in this model but the style of live fire training, again, more accurately reflects the reality of a civilian defensive shooting.

Responsible Citizen Defenders are beginning to understand that there is a difference between being trained and being entertained and they are seeking out instruction that mirrors the reality of a changing world around them.

-Todd Fossey


About the Author:

As the head of Funker Tactical Training, Todd Fossey is charging onto the national scene as a top tier innovator and champion for the citizen defender. In 2017, Fossey became the founder and Chief Firearms Instructor for Fit To Fight’s highly anticipated FireARMED program and is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Integrative Defense Strategies in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Specializing in Extreme Close Quarters Combat for Armed Citizen Defenders, Fossey earned the esteemed his Fit To Fight Defensive Options Black Belt in August of 2017 with an emphasis in Weapons Defense, Weapon Takeaways, Active Shooter (Mass Shooter) Scenarios, Terror Response, Timeline Defensive Strategies, Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement and Force On Force Training.

Fossey continues his extensive MMA and submission grappling training under legendary MMA Coach Greg Nelson at The Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. Fossey is actively involved with training Force on Force Scenario, Active Shooter and SWAT Training for various Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments. In addition to his work in combatives, firearms and tactical instruction, Todd has a 15-year background in psychophysiology, offering him special insight into the psychological, physiological and perceptual effects of high-stress critical incidents and human performance. Mr. Fossey spent many years working as a bouncer and head of security at high profile Hollywood nightclubs and during that time experienced and secured numerous real world violent and dangerous incidents.



When shopping for a gun for the first time, it is imperative that you consider the additional costs that you will see in ADDITION to the firearms you choose to purchase.   Before you go to the local shop with a plan to buy a gun and a box of ammo, we suggest that you set your financial expectations at a level that will be more in line with what your overall cost of gun ownership will actually be.

What are the other costs you can expect?  Keeping in mind that like anything else, you get what you pay for, here are the basic costs you can expect when entering into the realm of gun ownership:


TRAINING – If you are going to buy a gun, you should have a professional instruct you on the basics, at a minimum.   Many stores have trainers on site, and the internet is a great  place to research local trainers in your area.  This is a MUST for any new gun owner, you absolutely need to take a class to learn all of the safety and gun handling rules before you take a gun into your home.  ($100 – $500)

HOLSTER – proper storage of a gun on your person or at home starts with a quality holster.  Most shops will have a variety to choose from , and most likely the one you choose on your first day WILL NOT be the one you use…..many gun owners have a drawer dedicated to holsters and gear that they thought would “be the one”.  Go online and see what people universally praise, it will become clear what the good choices are.  ($50 – $150)

A SAFE FOR HOME STORAGE – Keeping your gun safe from children and other unwanted access is paramount.  Consider going beyond the safety lock that comes with the gun, and look into all of the different safes that are available for home use.  You will find the simple to the exotic, from keyed lock boxes to biometric reading safes that open with your fingerprint.  Tactical Walls also makes some great “conceal in plain sight” options that may suit your needs and home decor. ($30 – $250 or more)

GOING TO THE RANGE TO PRACTICE – Once you have your gun, you are going to want to become competent and proficient shooting, and the only thing that gets you there is PRACTICE PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  Range fees vary, but most that we have seen offer reasonable rates.  They will charge you by the hour, per lane.  Some ranges offer unlimited time, and some require reservations, we suggest you check the website or call the range prior to going to get an idea of how they operate in your area.   ($20 / month)

EYE AND EAR PROTECTION – In addition to fees associated with the range itself, you’ll need some basic range gear – Eye Protection, Ear Protection, and targets.  The range on pricing and quality is vast here, basic eye and ear packages can be less than $20.  Go to the range and look at what people are wearing these days and you will notice high quality eyewear along with ELECTRONIC EAR PROTECTION – earmuffs that actually amplify sound EXCEPT for the actual gunshots!  These can get pricey – over $150 in some cases, but the comfort and quality of many models out there come in below $100 and even $50.  ($20 – $200)  Click here to buy quality ear and eye protection.

TARGETS are available at all ranges, but you can save by buying online, printing your own  ($25- $200)

EXTRA MAGAZINES – we recommend that you get several magazines in addition to those that you actively carry or have staged at home.  This is especially critical at the range or during private lessons, you will be doing magazine changes and going through plenty of ammo.  You do not want to be the one guy that is always reloading the 2 magazines (or one) that came with the purchase. ($50 – $200)


AMMUNITION – this beaks down to 2 types that you should have on hand – personal defense ammo, and range ammo.  Defensive ammunition is more expensive as most are designed and created to fragment, spread, and cause damage as they hit human  tissue.  You should carry this type of ammo, and it is wise to shoot it with your carry weapon, and to have an extra box on hand.  Range ammo is what you will feed your pistol as you become accustomed to shooting it.  It is less expensive and best to buy in bulk.  AMMO LINK TO PARTNER HERE  How much ammunition should you have for your firearm?  That is a subjective question, but most people like the round number of 1,000 rounds per firearm.  That covers practice and SHTF for most!  ($100- $400)


CCW LICENSE – When you make the decision to carry daily, you’ll want to be legal within the state you live in.  MOST CCW permits require a fee, FBI Background check fees, and proof of attending an appropriate safety class.

TIME – From online research, to watching videos and attending classes, practice days at the range, and dry fire practice at home, it is important to remember the TIME commitment that you are making in order to become a proficient, SAFE gun carrier!  Being  gun carrier is your right and your responsibility, but also requires an incredible amount of time to do it the right way.  We are talking life and death here, cutting corners is not allowed!

This is in no way the comprehensive list of things you will need!  If you plan on carrying daily, you should also consider a proper carry belt and the right CLOTHING that will suit your need to conceal your pistol. Lastly,  you want to consider accessories to hold the magazines, an EDC knife and or keychain, etc. etc.

The bottom line is that a $500 firearm will cost you at least $1000 if you are committed to doing it the right way.  Having this list of additional costs in your head before you buy should help you be better prepared for what lies ahead.

What did we miss?  Is there anything else that you can think of that is a cost when buying a gun?  Let us know below! is live and better than ever!

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Rob Pincus from PDN with another “mic drop” moment during a quick chat at the NRAAM in Dallas, Texas, USA.

What do you think the number 1 problem is?  Do you agree with Rob?  Leave us a comment and share this post!

It’s appropriate to keep this topic front and center, and this #TBT video featuring Ryan Hoover and Daniel Shaw shares many aspects of the topic that you may want to consider – and it may even inspire you to get more training.  We are in the planning stages of some new content surrounding this topic – “Active Killers, intent on doing as much harm as they can in a public place against us…. the citizen defenders.

Here are some photos from a recent training event hosted by IDS and Todd Fossey, CLICK HERE to sign up for an upcoming class.














Take a look at the video and leave us a comment below, and please let us know – have you ever taken a class specifically to address theses threats?  What did you learn, and what were the take aways?  Please share!

Taking a look back at the NRAAM in Dallas Texas this year, we are asking the question:  what truly stood out or impressed us? 


A traveling event, the annual meeting known as the NRAAM took place this year at the Kay Bailey Hutchison convention center in downtown Dallas, Texas this year.   A few of the team members from Funker Tactical attended the show to meet fans, catch up with friends,  and talk to industry partners and the manufacturers that were in attendance.

Todd Fossey speaks to reporters looking for a story

Jared Wihongi visits with fans at the Browning booth









Several groups of protesters assembled during the three day event but truly they were not impactful in terms of being seen and heard to the average attendee. Speakers included Vice President Mike Pence,  President Donald J. Trump,  Kyle Kushev, a student from Parkland, FL and the Sutherland Springs shooting  “good guy with a gun“ Stephen Williford.

Inside the convention center was a mix of meetings and presentations along along with the massive gathering of vendors in the convention center itself.  What makes the NRAAM different is that it is open to the public  – anyone with an NRA membership can attend walk the floor  – and get hands on with anything the manufacturers are willing to share.

The one thing we kept finding ourselves asking over and over again was “what’s new“  – and then we visited the KRYTOS Industries booth.  The booth was inviting – with a simple “TITANIUM GLOCK SLIDES” sign and video of an obvious torture test on the product on the big screen monitor.  Take a look at the video we shot a the booth:

While this is a new company, things look promising.  They are claiming a 25% or more weight reduction, and speaking with the folks at the booth, they have done their research and T&E.  The processes?  How do they do it?  It involves a vacuum that they had to build, atmospheric pressure, and more… Take a look at the science and technical specs here:

We’ve got to share the video of Todd Fossey “educating” a reporter outside of the convention center, check this out, and leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know what you think!

This Reporter Will NEVER Broadcast THIS interview from the NRAAM!

This reporter will never broadcast this interview. While at the NRA Convention a reporter from Miami approached me about the subject of gun control. I think he got more than he bargained for. What do you think?-Todd Fossey

Posted by Funker Tactical on Friday, May 11, 2018




Overall,  we had a great time in a great city, Dallas proved to be a fantastic host, check out some pics below –


Maxim Defense Stock

Todd check out the Faxon Firearms lightweight AR-15 for the first time









NLT SIRT training pistols

The Rifle HIPERFIRE gave away at NRAAM








Boon And Tanto greet fans at the Maxim Defense Booth

New M&P slides from FAXON Firearms








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Based on social posts in the past few days in regards to YETI and everything divisive in the gun community, this year’s NRAAM in Dallas Texas should be…shall we say… interesting?  The “community” seems to be as divided as ever.  What does the NRA really mean to gun owners?  There are many questions to be answered and we will be there to report back and cover the event.  BE SURE to follow our Facebook page: ,   as we will be live streaming with the people and products you want to see  throughout the 3 day event.



Todd Fossey (pictured above) and Kevin Reichard will be in town to do some filming.  Jared Wihongi and Daniel Shaw will be in Dallas, and we hear that some of our close friends and colleagues will be in town as well!   You will find us filming interviews with friends as well as roaming the floor looking for anything that catches our attention.  Make sure you stop the guys in the Funker Tactical Hats and say hello, we may have some goodies on hand…


Below is a short list of some of the companies we work with and who support us that will be on hand, be sure to stop by and tell them Funker Tactical sent you!


MAXIM DEFENSE – Stop by and meet Kris “Tanto” Paranto and Boone from “13 hours” fame!  Check out ‘Tanto’s toolbox” and the one and only stock that MAXIM is known for.  Last time we spent some time with the team at MAXIM, we ended up with a great video at SHOT, the booth video that doesn’t suck, who knows what will happen at NRAAM.
Booth #2711





HIPERFIRE – They are literally giving it away!  Check out their Facebook page now for their live streams from the show, and for all of the details about this rifle giveaway.  or at






FAXON FIREARMS is not only sponsoring the nighttime concert at NRAAM this year, they are debuting some new products as usual!  Check out the new M&P slide photos we obtained in advance of this coming weekend.  Paired with their pistol barrels, they have officially stepped into the pistol Mod world! Booth# 3108







PRONE – a newcomer to the scene this year, this lifestyle brand is all about the long range game!  They will have their new line of gear on hand and rumor has it that they are part of some upcoming training with the Funker Tactical team later this year!
Booth #2415 






KRYTOS INDUSTRIES  – TITANIUM Glock slides and AR parts.  We will say it again….TITANIUM…. we cannot wait to see what these are like in person!
Booth #4023






KEYBAR – we can’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but the new product over at the KEYBAR booth is bound to be a huge SMASH HIT!




Of course we will be visiting the 5.11 booth, and many others….  So check out our friends and sponsors if you are traveling to Dallas this year and be sure to say hello, we look forward to seeing you in person later this week!