Incapacitation Theory | Hollywood Vs Reality (Graphic)

One shot is rarely enough to stop a threat regardless of caliber.  In many cases, we see multiple lethal hits on targets achieving less than instantaneous incapacitation.  After some comments on the Funker Tactical Facebook Page regarding why the attacker didn’t stop immediately in Officer and Wife Attacked in Home | 1 Suspect dead, 2 in Custody, I thought it important to show more reality of gunshot wound incapacitation or the lack there of in some cases.

There are more videos and supporting news articles out there, so look for something much more sciency in the future from us to explain the reality of terminal ballistics in more detail.

The following videos are all of people maintaining most or all motor functions after receiving lethal hits from handguns.  In each incident, one or more suspects died of their injuries.

[youtube id=”q1gYEG1TzBk”]

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[youtube id=”1Y9OjuWuhdI”]

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