Shoulder Checks | A Zero Breakdown

In this video, Instructor Zero details why simply “checking left and right” in a methodical fashion is only a range drill and not adequate in a reality contest. While some may argue that routinely scanning after each discharge builds muscle memory that breaks tunnel vision, this has not proven to be the case under stress in real life deadly force encounters. In fact, Instructor Zero argues that it is a waste of time to do this each and every time during training as it wastes valuable time and energy in a training regiment where individual skills are trained.

In firearms training, scanning your environment immediately after a shooting has gone the way of the office “how ya doin?” We do it instinctively without giving it much thought and we do it without meaning. While muscle memory has its benefits in certain aspects of training, building incorrect muscle memory can be a disservice to progress.

As an example, when you are at the range working on your extraction, it detracts from the technical learning process. When working on accuracy, it becomes a monotonous futile exercise that serves no real purpose when sh!t hits the fan.

What are your thoughts on this? As with everything Instructor Zero teaches, this is only an option. The validity of which solely rests upon its validation and logical application on the basis of YOUR personal experiences.


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6 Things To Do Before Choosing YOUR Holster |Instructor Zero

new rule

The holster is arguably the most important piece of kit you will ever buy.  I prepped my camera and drove with Instructor Zero to his shooting facility where I had half expected an easy day of filming.  It’s a damn holster for crying out loud.  How tough can this be?  Little did I know what I was in for.

The day started with Instructor Zero warming up using his 1-Shot-Drill.  Endless methodical extractions followed by a single shot and re-holster.  After about a hundred rounds and after having filmed multiple angles Zero exclaimed “Now we are ready to start.”  WHAT?  You mean all this time you were just warming up?  Fine.  Let’s do this.

After a quick smoke break we get right down to business.  I was witnessing a level of care and consideration for something as mundane and overlooked as the holster.  I come from a video production background so I would have been satisfied with “getting to the point” – that is, to show a visual representation of a concept.  But Instructor Zero wasn’t having any of it.  “This takes time man”, he said, looking a little frustrated at me.  You see, as Instructor Zero’s primary camera man one of my frustrations has always been his tolerances for perfection and doing his best.  For example he might be attempting a shot in under 1 second – well its not enough to get .99 or .75—-he will keep going until he feels he has reached his best for the day.  Not for any other reason than to push his limitations and challenge himself.

For me, as a production guy, as soon as he hit .99 seconds I’d be like “Mission Accomplished.  On to the next thing.”  Not Zero.  He cares very little for what MY objectives are.  For this same reason he is never satisfied with simply demonstrating a concept or tactic…”I need to show proof that it works man.  Otherwise, it is useless.  It is just a theory, like everything else.  You need to show it works.  Film the target and me at the same time please or this is useless.”

Zero and I have had a few fights and arguments during filming.  Like I said, he cares very little for production schedules.  He cares about doing his best and he cares about getting it right.  After a full day of  what I had half expected to be an easy day of filming Zero walks up to me with a smile, seeing that I was visibly upset at not completing MY objectives in trying to complete a full video in one day, and he says “Man…this is just day one.  Let’s go Pinoy, I get you a beer.”

And with that, all is good.  The more I film with Instructor Zero the more I realize that he is like no one I have ever worked with before.  And despite having differences during filming, at the end of the day, he is one of the best friends you could ever have.  On that note, here is the video.  Enjoy.




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Instructor Zero vs Rambo: 5 Bad Guys | 6 Shots in 2 seconds!


It started off with one of Instructor Zero’s fans sending him a link to a video.  It was of NRA Freestyle’s new show called Media Lab where they deconstruct Hollywood gun scenes and extract fact from fiction.  The show itself is well produced, well thought out and definitely worth checking out.  In the “Quick Draw” the show recreates a scene from Rambo where he engages 5 bad guys with 6 shots in under 2 seconds.  Despite the warning of “Do not try this at home” there was nothing stopping Zero from giving it a try.  Enjoy the video!

Zero’s First Time With The Bushmaster ACR


Zero’s first time with the Bushmaster ACR MultiCaliber!

This video shows clips from Zero’s first time handling the Bushmaster ACR – Multi-Caliber. This video is incomplete. There were several clips submitted to our editing facilities that were incompatible. Gun Noob had just found an awesome song and wanted to complete an edit without having all the clips. A more complete video will follow including much more action with the Bushmaster ACR.

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