Fighting With One Hand | Training for Reality


Do you train to fight with one hand?

Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and contributor, discusses one hand shooting techniques in the first video then puts them in context in the second.  There are a lot of take aways here.

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Unsuccessful Thief Stuffs Rifle Down Pants

Thieves and violent criminals have some serious balls sometimes.  Makes one wonder what he had planned to do with that rifle.

Read the news report HERE.

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Knife Fighters vs Predators | 8 Critical Kali Lessons | Doug Marcaida

Doug Marcaida invites the Funker Tactical Community in a rare opportunity to train inside his home in Rochester. Inside, we cover training drills, exercises and concepts on Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) as well as general fighting philosophies to enhance your survivability.


Doug (Kali) will be co-hosting a training seminar with Ryan Hoover (KravMaga). Click here to watch the video and register: Train with Doug and Ryan.

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5 Things Every Concealed Carrier Should Know

Instructor Zero shares some advice for extracting from concealed carry. He demonstrates OWB and IWB tips and tactics to ensure a true draw with speed and accuracy.

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