Listen to the Freedom

This talented gun-enthusiast has taken his appreciation and love for his country to another level.  Listen as he plays the “Star-Spangled Banner” with his .22 long rifle.

Special Purpose Rifle | Make your own!

Did you ever wonder what the gun was that Marcus Luttrell used during Operation Red Wings? It looks aesthetically very much like your standard M16 with a paint job but it’s what underneath that separates the two rifles. The SPR Marcus used was a system developed in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) and coined the Mark 12 Mod 0.


The main difference in this system besides it’s high-speed attachments like suppressors and optics is it is ‘accurized’. It uses a custom barrel that is free floated to give the weapon extra range and accuracy when used with heavier grain bullets.

Watch this video by HighJak86 below to learn how to make your own reasonably priced variant.