Gas Station Firefight During a Robbery | 2 Dead, 1 At Large

Watch a robber crawl away seriously wounded while returning fire during shootout between three armed robbers and a store clerk.

The residents interviewed claim it’s normal to hear gunshots in the area and that robbery attempts are common.

US CENTCOM Releases 3 Airstrike Videos | 23SEP2014

US Central Command has released three videos of airstrikes in Syria.  This is unprecedented in having US military actions literally be declassified and released as they are taking place.

NSFW: Fatal Use of Force | Was it justified?

In an atmosphere of shouting and little stand-off, three Brazilian Police Officers detain an individual.  During their work, a man with a button up shirt routinely presses his way into the affairs of the officers.  One officer draws his gun as he is reading the language of this man as an overt attempt to get the man to back off.  Suddenly the man reaches for the canister of mace on the cops belt and sprays it.  The cop, with almost zero hesitation shoots the man point-blank range.  The man runs off only to fall a couple steps down the street where he dies.

I don’t blame these cops for using fatal force.  If they had been maced, they all could have been incapacitated and their weapons would have been useless and most likely stolen from them.  I am glad I am not a cop in Brazil.

Life Line Strategic Reviews the SIG P226 Scorpion Elite

Combat Medic Ryan gives a breakdown on his opinion of this tried and true, battle-tested weapon.

Legitimate threat? | Sensationalizing vs Censoring

Is sensationalizing the enemy giving them free press?

Is censoring them ignoring the problem?  What is the answer?

I’m the Editor in Chief at Funker Tactical.  I’m a Iraq War Veteran and lately, I’ve been finding it harder to try and gain a sense of trust with readers.

It’s not that there isn’t a wealth of information to share, comment and analyze on… That’s the easy part.  It’s choosing what to share and why you’re sharing it.

Lately, the terrorist group that bills itself as an Islamic State, has been making threats towards anyone and everyone.  Most of these threats are being spread through traditional social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. before being picked up by the mainstream media (ie. what old people watch) and then once again shared over social media (what you’re reading right now).


You’ve all heard the phrase “If it bleeds, it leads.” and I feel that sensationalizing fear has become a 24/7 business for some “news” networks.  It really does get people to pay attention if they believe their life might actually be in danger.  It turns them away from their menial everyday tasks and ponder for a moment terrorism spreading into their homes and communities.  It’s a shared sentiment and the media is literally banking on it.

I don’t see an issue with sharing legitimate threats.  I think the public has not only a right to know, but our sheepdogs out there, also have a duty to protect.  Sensationalizing tweets however, when they are vauge, broad and often coming from semi-anonymous sources, is spreading fear over fact-checking. They (the enemy) are enjoying a media hey-day as literally everything they do that is ‘heinous’ is given headlines and coverage.  It prompts experts to speculate what they could do and gives talking heads a reason to yell at politicians to get involved in more wars…


Don’t buy into it. While, I don’t think all coverage of terrorist groups should be censored, it should be viewed with extreme skepticism.  The enemy lies.  It’s his nature.  Don’t forget that.