You Won’t Believe What This Female MMA Fighter Does To End this Fight in 5 Seconds!

The bell rings and two female MMA fighters square off in the cage.  What happens next is perfect.  Not perfect in a Ronda Rousey, kinda way…but perfect in a straight up brutal execution kind of way.  As the UFC continues to hold quality women’s matches, this video is a reminder that good technique, perfect timing and risk taking is what makes for some of the best highlight worthy KO’s on the net .  I don’t know who these two women are but the reaction I got from watching this video is on par with the Anthony Petis “Ninja Kick” off the cage against Ben Henderson!  Kudos, ladies.  Good fight.  Sportsmanship…not so much.

Call of Duty Gone Too Far? Military “Fanboy” Allegedly Captured by ISIS in Syria!


Japan says it is investigating claims that one of its citizens has been captured by militants near Aleppo, as evidence emerged that the captured man appeared to be a self-styled security contractor.  Varying sources report Haruna Yukawa, a Japanese national who reportedly owned a “military fun” store in Japan traveled to Syria to “impress his friends” and prove that he was a private military contractor.

Mr. Yukawa went to Syria to impress his friends from the extreme military roleplaying community, and also because he wanted to show his friends that he was “like a real veteran soldier”
Source: Japanese National Haruna Yukawa Captured In Syria Was Playing “Survival Game” | From Chechnya To Syria

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How To Survive Carjackings Using KRAV MAGA and PSYCHOLOGY!


I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina upon the request of the Funker Tactical community to find a Krav Maga expert.  What happened next was actually a big eye opener for me.  I met a man named Ryan Hoover, co-founder of FIT-TO-FIGHT, a Krav Maga and fitness academy who not only train military and law enforcement personnel but also professional sports teams like the Carolina Panthers.  I spent two days interviewing and learning from Ryan Hoover as well Raul Martinez, a US military veteran and current Chicago Police Officer, who was there to take his black belt exam.

It is impossible to encapsulate what I learned in those two days in a short little blog like this.  So, instead, I will begin releasing a series of Kraz Maga videos for you guys.  Here is the first installment.  It is perhaps one of the best examples I have ever seen of an instructor being able to break down multiple, complex thoughts into an easily digestible, concise and clear way.  I was in absolute awe watching this man.

WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO.  If there’s anything you believe Ryan missed, write a comment.  If you find it helpful and useful for your family, please share it.


5 Anti-Gun Liberals Shoot For the First Time!


‘ve gotta admit that this seemed like the WORST introduction to shooting a handgun that I have seen in a while. I have successfully navigated hundreds of people through their first shot/shots with a handgun and EVERY last one of them walked away feeling like a champion. None of this limp-wristed, misaligned sight picture, shooting the target carrier bs!  I could go on and on about HOW to introduce people to firearms for the first time…but this is NOT how you do it.  In your opinion, what was wrong with this video?  -Colin


Here is a video of Ryan from Funker Tactical taking his own anti-gun liberal to the range with VERY different results.  It is not the BEST example of taking someone shooting for the first time, but the idea is to educate and go at the pace of the shooter ensuring that safety rules are understood and respected so as to create a comfort level that is conducive to the learning process.

Tactical Walls: Hide Your Guns, Weapons and Valuables in Plain Sight!

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A thief breaks into your house while you and your family are away.  He rummages through every drawer and shelf.  He finds your gun vault and begins to work on opening it.  He knows what’s inside and he wants to get his hands on it.  If you’ve spent good money on that vault, here’s to hoping they don’t get in.  He then checks the usual places in the bedroom where he knows guns are typically hidden.  Here’s to hoping he doesn’t find them.  In a perfect world, this would never happen.  But we don’t live in a perfect world.  Take a look at these videos and make a decision.  Are Tactical Walls a necessity in your home?


In this video SOOTCHOO sensibly talks about reasons for installing one of these units in your home.  In a recent break-in, the thieves walked right past the concealed weapons!