Rare Guns | The SAR 80

The SAR 80 is an American designed assault rifle that is rarely ever seen in the United States.  Luckily, one of our contributors owns one and is more than happy to share some information with the community.  Let us know if you appreciate this kind of content and as always, we will continue to deliver.  That said, which country would you like to see more videos come out of?  How about a bear hunting trip in Sweden?  Or perhaps some videos coming out of Brazil?  Let us know in the comments!

Instructor Zero vs Rambo: 5 Bad Guys | 6 Shots in 2 seconds!


It started off with one of Instructor Zero’s fans sending him a link to a video.  It was of NRA Freestyle’s new show called Media Lab where they deconstruct Hollywood gun scenes and extract fact from fiction.  The show itself is well produced, well thought out and definitely worth checking out.  In the “Quick Draw” the show recreates a scene from Rambo where he engages 5 bad guys with 6 shots in under 2 seconds.  Despite the warning of “Do not try this at home” there was nothing stopping Zero from giving it a try.  Enjoy the video!

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY: Tactical Concealment Shelves!

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Magnetic keys, pneumatic gas struts…you had me at hello, Tim.  Question for you guys…how much would expect to pay for this?

MMA Fighter Destroys Robbers in Texas!

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South Texas:  A store clerk and mixed martial artist defends his coworker who had just returned from the bank from a bunch of violent robbers.

If you could say 3 words to the MMA store clerk what would they be?

Unbelievable Russian ATV!


It’s capable of tackling terrain that most conventional ATVs could never conquer but what happens 2 minutes into the video will blow your mind!


Are you impressed by this?  Let us know in the comments!