Homemade Bullpup AR15

DemolitionRanch shows off the AR15 that he turned into a bullpup rifle.

Extreme Spetsnaz Gun Disarms And Takedowns

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A Spetsnaz instructor demonstrates how to disarm and take down an assailant that may be armed with either a pistol or rifle, but also shows off the power of the Jedi mind trick.

( This video is entirely in Russian and their are no subtitles.)

Best Gun Fail Videos Of 2014



This video shows a series of gun related mishaps which are due to mechanical failures, operator error, and several more clips that just demonstrate a complete lack of common sense when it comes to handling and using any firearm.

Polenar Zombie Shoot


A couple of the guys from Polenar Tactical decide to shoot some paper zombies targets for fun.