Brutal Spetsnaz Pain Management Training

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Some might call this brutal, or abuse, but keep in mind that the sole purpose of these instructors is to train these men to kill other human beings and survive. Pain management and learning how to take a beating without collapsing after the first hit could save their lives. 

Do you think this cross the line, or could our military use more training like this?

The Top 10 Anti-Material Sniper Rifles in the World?

Koushiro Izumi went ahead and composed a top ten list of what he believes to be the Top Ten Anti-Material Sniper Rifles in the world.  Here’s the thing about the list:  it is meaningless.  If you had the chance to re-organise this list, what might you put in the #1 spot?

Here is the list:

10. Zastava M93 Black Arrow
9. McMillan TAC-50
8. Gepard GM6 Lynx
7. AMSD OM 50 Nemesis
6. Accuracy International AS50
5. Mechem NTW-20
4. Istiglal IST-14.5
3. WKW Wilk
2. CheyTac Intervention M-200
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Operator Training For Operators Operating


I’m not going to comment on this, I’ll let you guys do the commenting in the comments.

Moose Attacks Snowmobiler – Defends With Glock – Warning Graphic

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After riding down a trail on his snowmobile, an unknown man comes across a moose in the trail. After attempting to scare the moose off, it charges and strikes with his front legs. The snowmobiler immediately draws his glock and fires several rounds into the moose dropping it immediately.

I understand that at this point the adrenaline must have been pumping, but one more round to finish the job would have been the proper thing to do in this case.

What do you think the snowmobiler should have done in this case? Do you agree with this decision? Comment below!

Tac-Con Releases 700 Rounds Per Minute Trigger System


700 rounds a minute? Legally? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Bucking the trend in more ways than one are Tactical Fire Control, Inc. They’re set to take the competitive shooting and tactical markets by storm with their new Tac-Con 3MR Trigger System.


Instructor Zero tests out the Tac-Con trigger system for the first time

The 3MR Trigger System is a drop-in replacement for your AR family trigger group. It features 3 settings – Safe, Semi-Auto, and a Positive Reset 3rd mode. The 3rd mode is set to be a game changer. At the rear of the trigger group is a lever that pushes up against the hammer as the bolt-carrier drives over it during recoil. This lever pushes the hammer forward faster to the trigger-sear, causing a far faster re-set. This is also pushes the trigger forward, all during the recoil phase, allowing far faster split times between shots.

In the hands of an expert like Instructor Zero, the results are devastating. The trigger itself is a 4.5 pound match trigger, with zero take-up and no overtravel. The entire mechanism is CNC machined in house by Tac-Con, and is NP3 (Nickel Teflon) coated for enhanced durability and longevity. The question I’m sure most of you are asking is, “Will this be legal in my state?” There is good news there, as the BATF has ruled it 100% legal. It is a faster resetting semi-automatic trigger, but one pull of the trigger results in one shot. Tactical Fire control has created a trigger group that is safer, faster, and more reliable.

The competitive shooter, the firearms enthusiast, and the tactical operator can all benefit from the increased capability to their ARs from this innovative product. This is one to watch for 2014, as it’s sure to dominste the marketplace. To learn more, check out Tactical Fire Control Inc at: