High Speed Chase Ends In Intense Point Blank Firefight

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After a high speed chase, the assailant pulls out a pistol and empties a magazine at the police officers. The officers end the firefight immediately with several accurate shots.

The Deadly Art of Kali – CQC’s Dirty Little Secret

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Kali is the deadly Filipino weapons Martial Art that is fast becoming ingrained into the training of Special Forces Units world wide.  We go beyond the iconic Karambit into the soul of this deadly art!  Doug Marcaida has taught elite units including United States Force Recon Marines jungle warfare training in the Philippine Islands, Spetznaz Unit Alpha and the Belgian Special Police!

The Bulldog M-14 Conversion Kit






Bulldog M-14 Converstion Kit

Lighting Fast ACR Shooting


Zero’s first time with the Bushmaster ACR MultiCaliber!