Mexican Marines Raid El Chapo’s Home.

There is a lot that can be taken away from this footage. The main thing that stood out to me as someone who has both taught and been involved with similar actions, is how one man who is a strong leader with skills and knowledge can increase the effectiveness and safety of his men.  It […]


The Ruger American Pistol |Almost Finished

  I have personally fired over 500 rounds through the Ruger American Pistol and I have witnessed over 180 people firing 1,045 rounds with a total of 1,545 rounds through the 9mm and 815 through the .45. During that time, two negative issues as well as some potential issues were discovered. My first impressions video […]




French Father Explains Terror Attacks to His Son | My Thoughts

I see a lot of people on social media bashing this father for his protection of his child’s innocent way of thinking. I have a son about the age of the young boy in the video. Rest assured that he will be raised a warrior gentleman. With that said, I would have probably replaced the […]