7 Shocking Facts About Murder In America


This list was comprised using supplemental information from non-Federal agencies and compiled by the FBI. Now, it’s important to know that this is not a complete list, but it does offer some insight into the violence issues that affect U.S. citizens each year.

#7: Washington D.C. Metro Police did not offer any data to the FBI, but according to various news reports, 2012 was the first year the nation’s capital had under 100 murders, a first since 1963.

#6: The FBI reports reflect that the murder rate by guns is higher in frequency than the murder rate by knives by almost 6 to 1.

#5: Hawaii, New Hampshire, North/South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming all reported under 10 firearm deaths for 2012.

#4: Your chance of being killed by a knife is highest in California (261), Texas (173) and New York (126).

#3: In no State were knife murders higher than gun murders. The closest reported was Vermont with 2 gun, and 2 knife related murders, while Alaska reported 11 gun related and 9 knife related murders.

#2: 86% of the reported murders in Illinois were committed with a firearm.

#1: California leads the nation at 1879 murders in 2012. California, known in the gun community as “The People’s Republik of Kalifornia”, has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but surprisingly tops our list in both categories with 1,304 murders by firearm and 261 by knife.

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